Illuminating Your Sauna Experience: A Comprehensive Guide to Sauna Lighting

Illuminating Your Sauna Experience: A Comprehensive Guide to Sauna Lighting

Illuminating Your Sauna Experience: A Comprehensive Guide to Sauna Lighting


When it comes to creating the perfect ambiance in your sauna, choosing the right lighting is a critical component that can significantly impact your overall experience. Properly chosen and installed sauna lighting not only enhances relaxation but also ensures safety and functionality. In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve deeper into sauna lighting (along with a few other sauna accessories), with a particular focus on sauna LED's as lighting solutions, which we is the strongest and most durable light system to withstand the high heat from a sauna heater seen within a traditional sauna or an infrared sauna glow. From understanding different lighting options to practical installation tips, let's illuminate your sauna journey with some warm glowing LEDs. 

sauna red light led lights

Understanding Sauna Lighting Options

Sauna lighting isn't just about brightening up the space; it's about setting the right mood and ambiance. Sauna Style offers valuable insights into the various lighting options available, from LED strip lights to dimmer switches. LED strip lights are a popular choice for their versatility and energy efficiency, providing soft, indirect illumination that creates a soothing atmosphere. Meanwhile, dimmer switches allow you to adjust the brightness levels according to your preferences, ensuring optimal comfort during your sauna sessions. also offers a diverse collection of sauna lights, including waterproof fixtures and LED bulbs, designed to withstand the high temperatures and humidity levels of sauna environments.

Infrared sauna lights


Core factors to consider when buying sauna lights (not just a dimmer)

 Besides the basics, when you're buying lights for your sauna, make sure to keep these five factors in mind. These are the what we consider the crucial points one should think about

  1. Waterproofing: Look for lights that are designed to handle moisture. This will help them last longer and keep you safe in the sauna's humid environment.
  2. Heat Resistance: Saunas can get pretty hot, so it's important to choose lights that can handle the heat without melting or causing any issues.
  3. Brightness: Think about how bright you want your sauna to be. Some people prefer softer, more ambient lighting, while others like it brighter for better visibility.
  4. Installation: Consider how easy it will be to install the lights. You'll want to choose lights that can be wired up easily or controlled remotely, depending on your preferences.
  5. Energy Efficiency: Look for lights that are energy-efficient, like LED bulbs. They'll help you save on energy costs in the long run while still providing plenty of light for your sauna sessions.


Bonus features we like to consider


  1. WiFi Capability: Controlling all features from your phone is very convenient, and it's 2024... 
  2. Chromotherapy Color Selection: It's hard to admit, a wide variety of colors gives you full range to change with your mood 
  3. Easy Installation: Not having to call a licensed electrician is always a bonus, and saves money
  4. Wide range of applications: We think being able to install anywhere you see suitable provides a better and customizable user experience 

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Why LED Strips are the Best Sauna Lighting Option

If you're not sure what kind of lighting to go for in your sauna, consider keeping it simple with LED strips tucked beneath the top bench or behind the backrest. It's quick quickly will brighten up the darker spots under the seats but also gives your sauna a bit more depth and spaciousness feel. This as a result makes the light bounce off the floor and walls, making it easier to move around without blinding anyone with direct light.

  1. Waterproof: You can find waterproof LED strips in various lengths to fit your sauna perfectly. Plus, some LEDs let you adjust the brightness or even change the color, giving you more control over the vibe. They're easy to wire up to a wall switch or control remotely, too.
  2. External Power Supply: LED strips use a power supply located outside the sauna; if one strip fizzles out, you can swap it out without much hassle. 
  3. Increased Safety: An external power protects from potential fire hazards inside and outside of the sauna
  4. Solar Powered Available: Many sauna LED lights have available
  5. +1,500 LED Light Colors Available: Highly wide range or color and chromotherapy selections or mood lighting


Sauna LED red light


Where to Install The Lights in a Sauna or Steam Room?

Generally speaking where to install your sauna LEDs is a personal preference, however when it comes to putting a proper light in a sauna and steam room, the recommended locations can be found below.  

Sauna Light/Sauna LED Installation Locations
Sauna Type  Installation Location
Barrell Sauna Under lower bench, behind backrests, outside door light (soft lighting)
Cabin Sauna or Cube Sauna Under lower bench and upper bench, outside door light (soft lighting) 
Infrared Sauna Under lower bench, on side walls, inside sauna (light therapy),  
Indoor Sauna On side walls above head


Installation Tips and Techniques

Installing sauna lighting requires careful planning and consideration to ensure both safety and functionality. Calore provides expert guidance on how to install sauna lighting effectively, and we always recommend you consult a local electrician when wiring light fixtures inside your sauna. To note, Calore offers and out-of-the-box sauna room LED light kit which requires no additional electric connections, and plugs directly into a standard 110v wall outlet. Strategic placement of fixtures along sauna walls or benches ensures even illumination throughout the space, while waterproof fixtures ensures durability and safety. Additionally, we emphasize the importance of considering the sauna's layout and design when installing lighting, ensuring that it complements the overall aesthetic and enhances the sauna experience.


Pro Tips for Positioning Your Sauna Lights:


  1. Prioritize soft, dim lighting to create a relaxing ambiance during your sauna session
  2. Installing dimmer switches to adjust brightness levels according to your preference, ensuring flexibility in lighting intensity
  3. Focus the lights at the floor or walls to illuminate the entire sauna room rather than focusing solely on bathers, promoting a well-lit and inviting environment
  4. Choose light fixtures that provide waterproof functionality, ensuring durability and safety in the sauna's high humidity environment.
  5. Opt for light fixtures that provide soft, diffused illumination to prevent harsh glare
  6. Avoid placing lights directly above or near the sauna stove to prevent overheating


Enhancing Your Sauna Experience

The right sauna lighting can significantly enhance your overall sauna experience, creating a welcoming and rejuvenating atmosphere. We emphasize the importance of creating a relaxing ambiance with soft, warm lighting that promotes stress relief and relaxation. That said, it's difficult to ignore the energizing effects of bright, invigorating illumination, which can help rejuvenate your senses and invigorate your body (got to love the warm red LED glow). By incorporating the insights from both sources, you can tailor your sauna lighting to suit your preferences and maximize the benefits of your sauna sessions.



Conclusion: Lighting Your sauna and LED Sauna Lighting

Sauna lighting plays a crucial role in creating a comfortable, inviting, and safe environment for your sauna sessions. By understanding the various lighting options available and following expert installation tips, you can illuminate your sauna with style and functionality. Whether you prefer soft lighting or bright, invigorating illumination.

Now go ahead and light up your sauna journey and elevate your relaxation experience to new (and brighter) heights.




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