Outdoor Shower Ideas: Guide on How to Build an Outdoor Shower

Outdoor Shower Ideas: Guide on How to Build an Outdoor Shower

Outdoor Shower Ideas: A Comprehensive Guide on How to Build an Outdoor Shower

When it comes to having an back yard outdoor sauna, one common part of the experience that is overlooked is what happens AFTER you get out of your sauna, not just inside. This not only elevates the sauna experience, it enhances your outdoor living setup with a subtle touch of luxury, turning your backyard into an oasis. For this, we always recommend to Calore sauna users to consider the installation of a chic outdoor shower for post sauna showers in-between your heat cycles. Whether you just want to rinse off after a refreshing heat cycle in your outdoor sauna, or simply enjoy the natural beauty of your surroundings while showering alfresco, an outdoor shower can transform your outdoor space into a relaxing retreat. This is especially key if you plan to have a backyard cold plunge or ice bath to build a full backyard oasis. 


Outdoor shower sauna man


To get the creative juices flowing, here are some beautiful outdoor shower ideas to inspire your next backyard project:


Outdoor Shower Design Ideas


    Sicilian outdoor shower on white stone wall

    white stone outdoor sauna shower


    Rustic cottage white outdoor sauna shower 

    White wood cottage outdoor sauna shoer


    Modern black Costa Rican stone tiled outdoor sauna shower    

    Outdoor sauna shower garden man standing


    Colombian limestone outdoor sauna shower in garden 

    white outdoor sauna shower garden


    How to Build and Outdoor Shower: A Step-by-Step Guide



    Summary of Key Steps

    1. Consider the overall design of your outdoor shower, the shower features and the outdoor shower stall
    2. Choose the proper location to upgrade your backyard
    3. Construct the frame to house your outdoor shower 
    4. Complete and install all of the open-air plumbing
    5. Connect your water supply (cold and hot water)


    How to Build an Outdoor Shower: #1 - Outdoor Shower Designed Considerations



    For a rustic and luxurious feel, choose high-quality fixtures such as cedar or teak. Select a rain shower or wall-mounted showerhead to create a deluxe shower experience. Ensure that your outdoor shower floor and enclosure are made from weather-resistant materials to withstand the elements.



    Choose weather-resistant materials for shower floors, walls, and fixtures. Options include pressure-treated wood, cedar, teak, Brazilian ironwood, and salvaged window shutters. Look for FSC certification when purchasing imported wood for sustainability.



    Wood can be used for floors but requires periodic treatment to prevent mildew and fading. Stone floors, such as bluestone or tumbled river rock, require less maintenance and offer comfort under bare feet.



    Consider bronze or copper fixtures for a natural patina over time. Brass is also suitable, but avoid overly shiny finishes as they may fade. In coastal areas, opt for corrosion-resistant stainless steel with a 304 rating. Maintain stainless steel by washing with warm soapy water, rinsing, and drying with a soft cloth regularly.


    Tools and Materials Checklist

    Before you begin laying out your design for your freestanding outdoor shower kit for your pool house or beach cottage, lets take a look at what's required for tools and materials before hand depending on what you're type of design you're looking for.


    Tools Materials
    Circular saw Drainage rock
    Speed square Quick-set concrete
    Tape measure Red cedar fence boards
    Step ladder Construction screws
    Stud finder Shear face mount joist
    Manual jab saw Plumbing trees
    Shovel PEX pipe
    Post hole digger Showerhead assembly
    Mitre saw Silicone-based caulking
    Level Single-handle shower faucet
    Showerhead Shower mast
    Screws Thread connectors for shower head and hose
    Gravel and/or concrete for a pad Valves for cold and hot water controls
    Tube cutter or hacksaw Garden hose for cold and hot water
    Drill and drill bits T-connector
    Safety glasses Waterproof tape



    How to Build and Outdoor Shower: #2 - Location



    Choosing Your Spot:

    • When selecting the perfect spot for your outdoor shower, prioritize privacy while still allowing you to enjoy the beauty of your outdoor surroundings.
    • Opt for a location near your pool, hot tub, or deck for easy access and convenience.
    • Consider installing your outdoor shower in a freestanding enclosure or as a built-in feature to complement your outdoor aesthetic.


    Planning Your Layout:

    1. Sketch out a layout that includes features like built-in benches, hooks for towels, and storage shelves to enhance functionality.
    2. Add elements like a changing room or trellis to provide extra privacy and convenience.
    3. Plumb your outdoor shower to your existing drainage system or install a separate drainage solution for optimal performance.


    How to Build an Outdoor Shower: #3 - Constructing the Frame



    When assembling the shower frame follow the below steps:

    • Construct your outdoor shower enclosure using slatted wood, siding, or stucco to achieve your desired aesthetic.
    • Install plumbing fixtures and a faucet, ensuring proper water flow and drainage for a seamless shower experience.
    • Add finishing touches such as hooks for towels, shelves for toiletries, and a skylight to bring in natural light.


    How to Build an Outdoor Shower: #4 - Assembling the Plumbing and Faucet


    Your outdoor shower plumbing setup depends on where you want it and whether it's a permanent fixture or something you can move around. The installation process can range from easy to tricky, depending on your plumbing needs. Because of this, there are a few options for the water supply.



    The simple facet setup

    The simplest option is to connect directly to your garden hose. Just attach tubing and a durable stainless brass or steel showerhead to the end of the hose for a basic setup with cold water only. If you have a tower or pedestal shower, you can connect it to an outdoor plumbing line. This allows you to place the shower anywhere in your yard and have both cold and hot water available.


    The "full control" facet setup 

    For more control over temperature and water flow, you can use different types of valves. A standard shower valve works well for a single shower, while a twin thermostatic valve has one handle for temperature and another for water flow. An outdoor shower mixer or manual valve mixes hot and cold water from the taps before sending it to the showerhead.



    How to Build an Outdoor Shower: #5 - Connecting your hot water and cold water


    Cold water hookup only

    You have a few options for connecting your water supply to your outdoor shower. You can use your existing garden hose or install a new water line for a more permanent solution. If you want to ensure consistent use of your outdoor shower beyond just rinsing off after a hot day, fixed plumbing pipes are a good choice.

    To tap into your existing water supply, you can fix your PEX pipe into each tee's open end and run it to the rough-in point for the shower handle. Then, you can connect the shower faucet and handle following the manufacturer's instructions.


    Cold water and hot water hookup

    If you're looking to add hot water to your outdoor shower, there are several options you can use. The easiest option is using the plumbing to tap in from your house (the hot water plumbing that is), however in order to do this it goes without saying the shower must be in the correct location (ideally, close to your house, or you'll need further plumbing modifications). You can also install a water heater or use solar heating. A tankless gas water heater is another option that starts when you open your faucet. They provide a constant water flow since they operate with the water pressure. 


    How to Build an Outdoor Shower: #6 - Enjoy Your Cedar Outdoor Oasis!


    It's complete! Now step into your dreamy outdoor shower and let the warm water invigorate your senses as you relax in the midst of nature. Make sure to take advantage of your alfresco shower to unwind and rejuvenate, surrounded by the sights and sounds of your outdoor sanctuary. Enhance your backyard oasis with a beautiful outdoor shower that adds charm and functionality to your outdoor living space.




    Final Thoughts

    Adding an outdoor shower to your home is a great investment that can help you unwind after a busy day and boost your home's value. By following the steps outlined above, you can either build your outdoor shower or opt for pre-made options from Calore, which are simple to assemble out of the box.



    FAQ's on How to Build an Outdoor Shower


    Q: What are some outdoor shower ideas for a rustic look?

    A: To achieve a rustic look, consider using knotty wood, pallets, or a stucco finish for your outdoor shower enclosure.

    Q: How can I create a sense of privacy for my outdoor shower?

    A: You can add partitions, trellises, or even plant tall bushes around your outdoor shower to create a sense of privacy.

    Q: What are some popular locations for building an outdoor shower?

    A: Popular locations for outdoor showers include near a pool, at a beach house, on a rooftop, or in the backyard next to a garden.

    Q: Can I build a freestanding outdoor shower on my own?

    A: Yes, you can create a DIY freestanding outdoor shower using simple materials like teak wood, galvanized pipes, or repurposed fixtures.

    Q: How can I make my outdoor shower feel more like a spa?

    A: Incorporate features like a rainfall showerhead, a tub for soaking, and a teak floor to enhance the spa-like ambiance of your outdoor shower.

    Q: Are there outdoor shower ideas that cater to a modern aesthetic?

    A: For a modern look, consider using clean lines, industrial fixtures, and a minimalist design approach for your outdoor shower.

    Q: What are some essential features to consider when building a house outdoor shower?

    A: When building a house outdoor shower, think about a changing room area, a place to hang towels, a partition for privacy, and a convenient spigot for water supply.



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